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Aug 16, 2009

Fish Lake, Aug 2009

This weekend we traveled South to meet family at Fish Lake for the weekend. The weather was fairly good all weekend with just a bit of wind and some lower than average temps. We had the opportunity of staying in one of the cabins in the area, so we opted to leave our trailer home this time. The cabins were really well kept and offered an amazing view with easy access to the lake,trails, lodge and whatever else is available in the area. We have fished the lake before with varied results, but since we didn't have a boat available this time we all ended up choosing not to. We did some hiking, water balloon volleyball, and even had a space derby competition on the deck of the cabin, but mostly we just got together to relax and have a good time. There are no atv's or motorized vehicles allowed within the boundaries of Fish Lake, but within 10 to 15 minutes there is access to a number of roads and trails. The lake itself is very large, six miles in length and about a mile wide. At about 9,000 feet the lake is usually too cold for swimming, but is excellent for fishing with the correct know how and equipment. It's also a great place to ice fish in the winter. Fish Lake is located along Highway 25, about 7 miles east of Highway 24. It is about 20 miles northwest of Loa and 34 miles southeast of Richfield at I-70. We didn't remember to take the camera out of the bag till we were on our way out, but here's a few pics taken near the cabins.


  1. Cool. You can see my Subaru Outback in one of the pics. It was a fun family gathering and do some "Kamping with Karen Style" except Karen wasn't there. The cabins were nice though, I apologize for making mom and Becky wait in the car while looking for some stupid trailhead.

  2. You should of came to church with us there, it was fun to go to church with your levis on and looking out of the windows all over in a log building at the lake. It was fun. Merrill Osmond was there, well, you wouldn't give a crap. Small world, he lives in Ephraim too. He probably has a summer home in Fish Lake or something.

  3. Cool, yea we've been to church there before so we didn't feel like we were going to really miss anything by heading home a bit early.