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Jul 19, 2009

Custom Off-Road Hitch Mounted Cargo Rack

With 3 growing kids cargo space is at a premium when we go tent camping in remote area's. I built this rack some time ago, but it has migrated from within the cage structure to where it is now as a hitch mounted rack. Having it mounted here is not the optimal location for the most difficult off-roading since it extends beyond the bumper, but for most stuff having a rack like this will work great for additional space as long as consideration is taken to get it high enough. It can be removed easily for more hard core wheeling trips or removed at camp if desired to go out and hit the rough stuff. We left it on all weekend on our prov trip with no problems whatsoever on some pretty decent trails. The structure is lightweight tubing, but it's built taking advantage of triangulation and bends for strength. It can easily old my weight on the very edge of the rack. The water is held tight by tightening the bolts to clamp it down, and the bag is water proof with 4 individual bags to carry whatever is needed.


  1. How much time you took to build this? do you plugin it into the car? because you don't show the whole body.

  2. Yea, good point!, I didn't realize that I never showed the body! It's actually on our rock buggy aka "Bruce" plugged into the receiver hitch check this link for more pics if you'd like. I'm thinking it took about 8 to 10 hours to design/build. All the little joints in the tubing took some time to notch out at the correct angles.