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Jul 22, 2009

Combustion and Air Cannon Homemade Projectiles

If you tuned in a few weeks ago you saw our potato cannon build. We've had a lot of fun launching potatoes and a few other things we built at camp etc., but we finally got serious and made some projectiles in the garage with some real tools and supplies. The first one uses a balsa wood rocket nose cone, aluminum arrow shaft and a balsa fin. The second one actually uses a dirt bike muffler plug used for keeping water out of the exhaust when washing your bike. We bought a couple of these exhaust plugs, but have never had a use for the bigger 4-stroke plug until now. The bottom 2 rings on the plug had to be shaved down a bit to fit into the 2" barrel. The final projectile is actually for our air powered rocket cannon. This will slide into the 1" barrel. It uses a 1" dowel and an aluminum shaft with no fins. Time will tell which designs work the best, so stay tuned and we'll post the results.


  1. The champion was the rubber flew straight and FAR!

  2. hey thats real technical stuff