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Jul 22, 2009

Combustion and Air Cannon Homemade Projectiles

If you tuned in a few weeks ago you saw our potato cannon build. We've had a lot of fun launching potatoes and a few other things we built at camp etc., but we finally got serious and made some projectiles in the garage with some real tools and supplies. The first one uses a balsa wood rocket nose cone, aluminum arrow shaft and a balsa fin. The second one actually uses a dirt bike muffler plug used for keeping water out of the exhaust when washing your bike. We bought a couple of these exhaust plugs, but have never had a use for the bigger 4-stroke plug until now. The bottom 2 rings on the plug had to be shaved down a bit to fit into the 2" barrel. The final projectile is actually for our air powered rocket cannon. This will slide into the 1" barrel. It uses a 1" dowel and an aluminum shaft with no fins. Time will tell which designs work the best, so stay tuned and we'll post the results.