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Jul 21, 2009

Additional / Optional Mounting Locations for The GoPro

I played around some more with my new GoPro Hero Helmet camera today and used up the remaining adhesive mounts. I mounted one on each of my boys helmets in the forward position so that they can take some footage, and I also put 2 additional mounts on my helmet. The rear mount on my helmet will make it possible to video riders behind me and the one on the visor will be an option for forward mounting. These options will make it possible to easily move the camera from front to rear of my helmet or to my boys helmets without adjusting anything else, simply unclip and re-clip on the new spot, very cool! If the visor mount works as well as I think it will, I may end up removing the chin mount location, but for now it will be a good test to see which one works the best, but the other options use less parts and are much less cumbersome. We still have the suction cup mount for a variety of other options. Other options that can be purchased vary from roll bar mounts, handlebar mounts, vented biking helmet mounts, head mounts, chest mounts, surf board name it you can pretty much mount this camera to it. New cases can also be purchased for around $40 and new lens covers are only about $19/pair.


  1. Where in this video did you use the kitehero mount?  I didn’t see any views looking from the lines down at the rider.

  2. It would be great to see the video too, some of our clients use these when out on their ATVs, the videos that we have seen from some of their adventures are awesome, I would highly recommend posting your videos up here!