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Jun 21, 2009

Little Moab Trip Report, June 2009

This trip was postponed one week because of rain. The forecast was calling for rain again this weekend, but we went anyways. It stayed dry most of the time with the exception of one big rain storm Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately we got caught a bit unprepared away from camp with a flat tire on the buggy and no rain gear. We were a fairly good distance away from camp so the decision was made for Shelly to stay while I took the kids back to camp. The sky opened up just as the kids and I neared the trailer. Shelly used her survival skills from watching the discovery channel and made a shelter to stay dry. I was really proud of everyone for pulling together, especially Shelly, and Hannah who had to ride back to camp on the front of my bike in short sleeves and shorts with the approaching storm and rain. Everyone kept their spirits up and made what could have been a bad experience something to remember. I quickly made my way back to Shelly in the truck with the tools necessary while the kids warmed up in the trailer. The rest of the weekend was great too with unseasonably cool weather. We explored further into the nearby mountains finding some great trails at higher elevations and re-explored an old mine that we had found on a previous trip. The entrance is barely visible and only when you are right on top of it, but opens up into deep caverns. There is a shaft in the mine that drops straight down what some say is a thousand feet. All I know is we couldn't see the bottom and the rock I threw down never made a's deep enough and there's no warning or fence around it so you have to stay alert. The shaft also goes up and there is a large winch near it. All in all, it was a very fun trip and as always it was hard to come back. The work we did on the buggy really paid off with better power and suspension, unfortunately the flat tire came from the bent rim not sealing correctly after bending the wheel on a rock. Sometimes I guess you just have to prepare to improvise. We didn't get any pics or video of the buggy really, but the 60 tooth sprocket and new tires and wheels really made a difference.


  1. Yea, we went back out Sunday morning "fully prepared"..Owen's chain started falling off because it was too loose and we didn't have the correct tools!..can't prepare for everything I guess, but we're always adding to our experience with trips like this;)..good times.

  2. Looks like ya'll had lots of fun.

  3. Nada puede igualar a la sensación de vivir al límite.

  4. AnonymousJune 25, 2009

    This looks crazy? How do you transport you're bikes around? I was thinking about actuallybuying a car carrier to ride my bikes up on from U-haul (who would have thought they sell out their old equipment). what do you think!?

  5. Yea, I don't see why not. We actually use a race car hauler that we converted into a toy hauler of sorts. We had to use this because when we were in the market, it was the only thing remotely affordable that was big enough, and beefy enough to carry our rock crawler. We can carry it all now IF we double-pull a smaller trailer behind it... and put some bikes in the kitchen.;)