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May 17, 2009

Pro Moto Billet Kickstand Review, 2001 CR 250

The Pro Moto Billet Kickstand is one of the best aftermarket kickstands on the market and the only option available for the 2001 CR250 aside from building your own, or modifying something else. The installation of the kickstand is as easy as unbolting the left footpeg and bolting the kickstand underneath the peg with the supplied longer bolts. Some of the benefits of this kickstand over some other aftermarket kickstands is the internal spring. The spring is inside the kickstand so it doesn't get caught on boots, pants etc. and end up laying in the woods. The other benefit is the way the kickstand pivots up way out of the way and partially behind the side panel. It is constructed of lightweight billet aluminum and it really is amazing to hold it and realize just how light it is. Having this kickstand on my bike means the end of either carrying a portable triangle stand or laying my bike down in the dirt. Even after turning the fuel off, some fuel always spills out of the float bowl or vent tube when laid on its side. Following the kids around will be much easier now, knowing that when they wreck or need assistance in other ways I'll be able to quickly get to their aid. This kickstand sells for around $130 and until now I've put it off thinking I could get by without one. Even after the short time I've had it, I can tell you that for myself, it has been money well spent if it continues to work as well as it has. It looks like it belongs on the bike and it is a kickstand that can be left on the bike and not penalize you with too much additional weight or flop around or fall apart with hard riding.


  1. This has turned out to be quite useful.

  2. Mine bent and cracked at the mounting point, not very strong.

  3. Is there a replacement warranty if it breaks/cracks from normal use or as mentioned by mr anonymous during mounting?