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May 5, 2009

KTM Plans On Producing Electric Dirt Bike

Here is a look at KTM's approach to the electric dirt bike idea. Not much is said so far about it's performance, but compared to other models I've seen it looks much more dirt bike like. Supporters of the electric bike/atv claim benefits such as "quiet", "green" etc. Some electric powered vehicles do have merit and can produce huge amounts of torque and only question is why? Am I missing something here? I know it seems more clean because there is no exhaust being produced, but where does the electric power come from? How much HP and torque can these produce as compared to its gas powered counterpart, and how efficient are they at producing this power? Unfortunately, electric power can not yet compete with gas machines on most levels and the power is still produced most of the time using fossil fuels. I think this next picture says it all. It's an electric powered ATV complete with a gas powered generator.

Perhaps someday the electric bike will make sense. These pictures definitely make it look like an idea that could work, but it leaves you wondering where you might charge an electric dirt bike or atv when you are out on the trail. I've always admired KTM for sticking with the 2-strokes that they believe in, and it has worked in their favor so far..hopefully this will too, I'm just not sold yet.


  1. Electric bike? Won't be able to breathe through 2 stroke engine, looks like it. Sigh, no more mt. dew and 2 stroke engine together, that would suck. Think Obama came up with this idea?

  2. Electric what?
    Can't happen..!
    I can see it on road scooters but dirt bikes? Is this some kinda sissy ride plan?

  3. I's surley not happening any time soon. People have been working with this idea for a while, sometimes I watch a show called "Mean Green Machines", for a's annoying how the greenies always plug their ears etc. The only "mean machine" that even came close to gas power was an electric scout rock crawler. The guy had been tinkering in his garage on the idea for a while..make sure you bring a long cord though..or a gas powered generator;) Oh, and be prepared to wait a day or so while it charges.

  4. It's pretty dumb to use gas on a generator to charge up the damn thing while you can use gas for a gas powered bike. What the hell?

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  6. I doesn't make sense, but it does prove a point I think. Right now most of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels so electric vehicles are using the same energy source as gas powered vehicles.
    Pollicino, thanks for your visit!