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Apr 28, 2009

Dirt Biking a Wash Near Caineville Utah, Swingarm City (video)

This wash near Caineville offers some great technical riding!
It is one of about a half dozen trails of this type that I know of within the boundries of Swingarm City.
It travels towards North Caineville Mesa eventually reaching it's base.
I found this particular trail a while back and spent a half day riding until I was able to find it again. It can be hard to find your way around in the canyons, draws, washes and ridges, but the freedom that a dirt bike gives you is unbelievable in this area. If a trail ends or you get bored with one, just climb to a ridge and look for the next possibility.


  1. does technical mean dangerous????

  2. I guess it can be, but for the most part I think slower technical riding has a less severe penalty for screwing up;)

  3. That's like the coolest video! Looks hard.

  4. Heading back to Caineville this weekend, family and friends are welcome to join us.:)