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Apr 27, 2009

Caineville / Swingarm City, April 2009, Part 2

This second set of pictures were taken Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. The weather turned cooler from the upper 70's to the upper 60'S and became windy at times, but we didn't get a single drop of rain. The cloud cover made for a nice break from the heat and some really pretty skies in the evenings. Any time we were away from camp the winds disappeared, especially in the tight canyons. Of course, Sunday turned to be a perfect 68 degrees, no wind, no rain and absolutely nobody else was there! We started to wonder where everyone was all week and by Sunday it was downright weird, but nice! We stayed as long as we could Sunday before packing up to head home. Owen really liked his new Yamaha TTR 110. It gives a new meaning to smooth, substantial, quiet power. The electric start feature helps Owen to start it with the push of his finger and the back-up kick starter is there just in case the electric starter doesn't crank. The 4 speed transmission means there is always the right gear for the job making it even more versatile. This bike really hauls for a "kids bike" reaching up near 60mph. Owen charged the hills with the bike pinned in 3rd gear, then picked his way through the tight canyons in first with the smooth controlled torque. If my bike hadn't been running dead on all may have made me want a 4-stroke! The only penalty on this bike seems to be the weight and perhaps a stiff short travel suspension, but the price was right! At around 150 pounds it's a bit too much for Owen to heft around at the moment, but he'll grow into it.


  1. Love the pics! So, there's the Yamaha.

  2. What fun!! I'm so excited that summer is here. I bet your family is, too. When you started the new blog, my following just automatically followed the new one. Sorry you lost some followers! Hope it gets straightened out.

  3. Thanks! we are excited, I need to learn to leave stuff alone:) I keep tinkering till I screw something up...or make it "perfect" I'm a little fanatical sometimes, my wife hates it!