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Feb 8, 2009

World's First Snow Bike Race, Metz Makes Appearance

The world's first snow bike race took place yesterday February 7, 2009 in Mcall Idaho and drew the attention of at least one top athlete, Mike Metzger. Although Metz finished 4th in the event, he was optimistic about the possibilities of the bikes and is contemplating doing a back flip on one. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before someone does it, so why not Metz? The race was the first of it's kind and allowed many different types of bikes...even two strokes, proving that this conversion is practical for them. The event was put on my 2moto, although I'm not sure if all the bikes were equipped with 2 moto hardware or not. All the vehicles were dirt bikes that were fitted with a track and ski system. These "bikes" seem like they are here to stay with advantages such as weighing up to 300 pounds less than conventional snowmobiles, being cheaper than snowmobiles, and they can be quickly converted back into a dirt bike when you're ready to get back on the dirt. The 2moto system is a little bit more involved to bolt on than some systems I've seen, but it looks incredible and the power goes through less gears and doesn't change direction making the design more efficient. The swingarm is removed and replaced by the track system where some will bolt on to the stock swingarm. These machines are extremely easy to maneuver and are just as capable as a big sled. I'm still on the fence with these conversions however with our climate, but they look like a blast and are more practical than owning both a dirt bike and a snowmobile. Obviously, having a race like this should help to introduce them to the public. The cost for this system is roughly $4,300.

Here are the official results to the race, along with a few more pictures.

Legends Results:
1. John Dowd, 1-1
2. Richie Reynolds, 0-2
3. Derek Mahoney, 5-3
4. Mike Metzger, 3-4
5. Shane Donaca, 0-5
6. Steve Hatch, 4-6
7. Robie Peterson, 8-7
8. Bret Peterson, 2-8
9. Alexander Smith, 7-9
10. David Olcott, 6-10

A Main Results:

1. Richie Reynolds, Suz
2. Brian Allen, Hon
3. Russell Warren, Hon
4. Michael Fowler, KTM
5. Darryl Vamieuwenhuise, KTM

B Main Results:

1. Shane Donaca, Hon
2. Joe Sheridan, Husa
3. Lynn Hodges, Hon
4. Nick Schacht, Kaw
5. Ben Grant, Yam
6. Cailen McCurdy, Kaw


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