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Jan 31, 2009

Sunline V1 / ARC Dirt Bike Lever Review

Not too long ago I bought a set of "unbreakable" dirt bike levers from Sunline. Now we all know that nothing is really unbreakable so I can't say I was expecting a miracle, but I was hoping that this might be the last set of levers I had to least for while. I can definitely say that they have held up much better than any other set of levers I've ever used. They have taken some serious hits and most of the time, they do their job by breaking away instead of breaking the lever. A few weeks ago, I had my dirt bike on a triangle stand in the gravel parking lot and a gust of wind blew it over. As you can see by the picture to the left, the lever did not break away, but bent. Unfortunately, it seems as though this is the one weakness of this particular lever, the Sunline "Vince" V1. On a straight on impact the lever sometimes gets caught and can't break away like it's designed. Fortunately, however, the lever blade does seem to be made out of a quality material designed to bend instead of break. I was able to bend the lever back to almost original condition and it didn't seem to weaken it significantly. My biggest complaint about the V1 lever is the length. It just seems to be a little longer than it needs to be for my taste and therefore is more susceptible to damage. Out of pure coincidence, I happen to have an older style ARC lever on my brake side. This lever blade seems a bit more substantial, shorter, and although it only breaks away in one direction, the whole assembly will pivot out of the way if needed. I have had zero problems with this lever and I just personally like it better. The pictures below show how I was able to straighten the V1 lever using a crescent wrench. You can use an open end wrench and a block of wood behind it, grab it and bend it back. It looks pretty good, but not perfect. The last picture is my ARC lever.


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