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Dec 10, 2008

Replacing Dirt Bike Swingarm Bearings, CR250

The first thing to do when replacing the swingarm bearings on a dirt bike is to obviously remove the swingarm and the old bearings. First, with the swingarm removed, use a long extension to tap out the sleeves.

Next, remove all the old washers, thrust bearings, and seals.

The last thing to come out is the bearing itself. Get a socket to match the diameter of the bearing and start with the swingarm flat on the bench. Pound it until the bearing contacts the bench, then move it to an edge or similar to let the bearing come out as shown.

Here's the new stuff laid out roughly as it goes in.
First drive in the new bearing from the outside of the swingarm the same way the old bearing was driven out, until it is flush with the lip.

Next install the thrust bearing between the two supplied washers. Make sure to pack both the main bearing and thrust bearing with wheel bearing grease, then install the seal, sleeve, and spacer.

With the spacer installed, go to the other side to pack it with grease and install the smaller seal. There's no thrust bearing on this side, so just pack it up with grease to keep water out and help keep the needle bearing greased.


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