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May 26, 2008

Providence Canyon, May 2008 Trip Report

Providence Canyon located in Providence Utah is a great place to get away. This was our first memorial day weekend spent somewhere besides Moab since Shelly and I have been married, but Prov fit the "bill" a lot better with the higher gas prices. The weather was great, the location was awesome and we had a great time. We were really glad to see some of Shelly's family venture out to spend some time with us. As you can see from the pictures the terrain is rather rocky, but there is a good mix of smooth double track, major hill climbs, and super hard technical stuff for dirt bikes, jeeps, four wheelers etc. Later in the year you can continue up the canyon for even more terrain, but this time we were stopped a few hundred yards past the quarry by snow. One of the days we hiked up past where the snow stopped our rig and did some classic "butt sliding" on the snow. We also found some fossils in some of the rocks. All in all it was a great time.

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  1. Back up to Prov this weekend. Stay tuned for a trip report...We're hoping to remember the gps this time and pinpoint the location of the cave.