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Sep 7, 2008

Little Moab Trip Report, Sep 2008

Another trip to little moab in the bag. This time out we only took the dirt bikes. This is a great place to let the kids ride and also a fun place to camp. We opted to leave the rock crawler at home again this time, but there is a bit of crawling to be had at little moab, although limited to a small area. For directions click here.

Here is Hannah's first attempt at steering her buggy. Usually we bungee the steering wheel so she just goes in circles, but she wanted to drive this time. I didn't know if the running over the sage brush was intentional or not, but I had to let her go a bit and she seemed to be having fun.

The kids had a fun time and a lot of practice with the bb guns. Here's Brayden with his red rider and Hannah with a soft-air gun.

All the kids caught a pet for the weekend. Hannah's was named "Grecko", Owies was "Awesomeist" and Brady's big fat one was "Fatty"

The boys got a lot of ride time in on this trip. Both had a blast racing each other around the trails near camp. Owen had a couple of spills, but got right back up each time. The temps were perfect all weekend, no need for a/c or furnace so this will be a cheap trip as well as being relaxing not having to worry about the elements.


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