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Jan 19, 2009

Knolls Utah Off-Road Trip Report, Presidents Day

We all decided that a day out at Knolls might be fun for the holiday. We were worried driving out how the conditions were going to be with all the fog and inversion, but once we arrived we were relieved to find sun, comfortable temps, and no wind! In the morning there was a bit of frost on the shady sides of the hills making them slick, this hill in the first picture that I climbed took two attempts to make it to the top, but by keeping momentum up and staying on the rocks when I could, it made a fun little climb. The boys decided to use their feet and climb one of the nearby hills. We parked in an area this time that was close to many of the small dunes in the area, so I spent most of the day riding in the sand. Sand isn't my favorite, but still fun. Owen was only able to ride for a short time before the park rangers showed up and told him he couldn't ride being under the age of eight. The kids seemed to have as much fun playing in the sand anyways so it wasn't a huge deal, but maybe we'll have to stay away from Knolls for the next year. We snapped a few pictures of our day although nothing too spectacular since Owen was limited to the parking lot, and therefore we had to take turns riding about.


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