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Apr 14, 2008

Cainvielle/Factory Butte, April 2008

This was our year to plan and organize our annual family reunion. We decided that Caineville would be a good compromise and a good place to get together. We really appreciate all the help and all those that came that helped make this a fantastic trip. Even though off roading was a focus of this trip, the majority of our time was spent together visiting around the camp fire, launching rockets, exploring goblin valley, searching for treasure etc. Some of the highlights for me were making and launching the rockets including putting together a 2-stage rocket with the first stage using D-power, watching movies and playing games outside on the screen, hunting for treasure with the kids using gps, maps, etc., listening to the kids give prepared reports, flying kites, and of course the off road dirt biking. We also had rc trucks, and airplanes that filled some of the time around camp along with footballs, frisbees etc. One of the days the boys and I took a hike together and took some pictures of the awesome terrain. Basically there was really no shortage of things to do. We had great food too of course and lot's of smore's stuff for the fire.

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