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Apr 26, 2010

Caineville, Swingarm City Dirt Bike Area Information

Factory Butte is, simply put, a dirt bikers paradise. Often referred to as "swingarm city", the open play area is ideal for dirt bike riding of all types. Some of the steep, narrow trails tend to be not as well suited to 4 wheel vehicles although we found it to be fun as well. There is enough wide open area to accommodate many different styles and types. This area is located near Caineville Utah, about 14 miles NorthWest of Hanksville. The area has been featured in many freeride videos such as FMX Riot II. You won't find much vegatation here, just excellent soil and terrain that seems soft enough to be forgiving, but solid enough to hold up to the impacts of a bike. If you ride a dirt bike, you will love this area. Goblin Valley is also a fun place to visit and is close by. Check out our trip reports as well as our video and photo section for more pictures and footage of the area. GPS coordinates are 38.364995,-110.913441

Pay close attention to the open play area that is designated roughly by the shaded area on the map above as there has been recent closures limiting travel beyond these points. The boundaries are plainly marked. There are efforts in effect to open more, staying within the current boundaries will aid in these efforts. Camping within the open area is permitted.


View TRIP REPORTS For Caineville.


  1. oh this is crazy! our team was about 70-80 miles SE of here doing some buggying and sandboarding. i was an idiot and brought my good snowboard out since that's all i had. Kinda ruined the bottom of it, but i need new gear this season anyway.

  2. Sounds pretty crazy. I bet a sandborad would be fun in Caineville.:) I've never tried it before. I had a crappy snowboard, but sold it.

  3. why are they up fences up in canevile a

  4. They've put a fence along the entire North/East Border of Swingarm "protect the cactus". The fence is big and really looks out of place in this wide open area. It seems like there would be better solutions.

  5. Oh how frustrating the place was so far in our place. If ever I would love to ride mi bike there.

  6. To protect the cactus....LOL! Unless we're talking about some miniature species the last thing bikers are going to be doing is to be destroying cacti. It is sad that the transgressions of the minority must mess up the fun of the majority. Nevertheless, it seems like swingarm city is the place to be if you're looking for serious dirtbike adventuring. Thank you for sharing the memories, Tony.

  7. Can you Ride here anymore?

    1. Yes, within the boundaries.