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Jul 20, 2008

Bountiful Peak, "Skyline Drive"

Skyline drive is a mountain road that connects Farmington Canyon to Bountiful Canyon. The elevation changes are impressive as you climb up one side, across the top, and down the other. The road is suitable to most stock vehicles with high clearance. We took our stock F-350 and traveled the route from Farmington to Bountiful. Total mileage is about 25 miles with no spurs. There are a number of different routes and trails along the way that are more off the beaten path. To see the trails available see the Bountiful Canyon Area posts. The road climbs from about 4,500 up to 9,300 feet and the views are worth the trip. There are parts of the road that are narrow and have a steep drop on one side. Encountering another vehicle coming the other way can be a bit nerve racking in a few rare spots. The map below shows the route along with the beginning and ending of the route(depending on what way you travel it). The start from the Farmington side is at 40.999982,-111.879251 on the GPS and the Bountiful side is at 40.895868,-111.84567. To get directions from your location, click the "Directions" link on the map or click the icon to the right and open the map in mobile maps on your mobile device. To start from Bountiful, click the icon on the Bountiful side, then click the directions link.

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Distance: 25 miles one way
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 4,500' to 9,300'

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  1. Thanks a ton for sharing all this. I came across your site looking for more info on trails around Bountiful your site is like a Northern Utah off road book I was looking for but could never find anything good.