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Jul 24, 2008

Bountiful Canyon Ride, Pictures

Here's a great area to ride dirt bikes, off road and camp that has a little bit of the roughing it/remoteness element without having to travel too far to get there. I had heard of the trails "over by the B" before, but for some reason, just never looked hard enough to find them. These are fairly close to home and within 5 minutes from where I work. Here are some pics, there are better trails, but none better in the immediate area. I still haven't touched the opportunities here as there are many trails that I just didn't have time to ride this time. It's a great place to go for an evening ride or a weekend camp out. I have explored the area more since this posting, so be sure to search the trail guide and/or trail reports in the sidebar for more pics and maps of trails in the Bountiful area.

Here is the trail head at the bottom of the canyon. There are many spurs here that branch off in many directions. I ended up taking the "buckhalter ridge" trail that ended up feeding into the main canyon road a little more than halfway up the canyon.

Here is the top of the buckhalter ridge trail where it feeds into the main canyon road.
Near the top, there is another road that branches to the east called the "sessions Mtn road" on the map. This road traveled for many miles and had many branches to other trails. There were many good camp sites as well.

Here is the spur I took. It started smooth and ended rocky!
I rode back up this part..
And up this part...
Then right when I could see the top, I lost my momentum and balance and tipped the bike over. Good thing I had that new sunline break-away clutch lever! It took a major hit on the rock and then sprung right back into place. The grips held up killer as well! After catching my breath and nearly passing out from exhaustion, I started the bike back up and had to push it up the rest of the way with help from the bike. I just couldn't my momentum/balance back at this point in order to ride up. At least I rode %75 of the way up. It took all my energy just to do that.
I didn't have enough gas in the tank to explore this trail. My bike was running low as well!
I thought I was on the buckhalter ridge trail when I started this one to go back down, but at this point I knew I was on a new trail. Coming back up this one may have been the best of the bunch. It led down to a mine, or a cave of some sort, then it had more spurs, but I thought it best to head back up where I knew where I was going because it was getting late and I wasn't quite sure how much fuel I had. Next time I will go prepared with more fuel for myself and my bike! Hopefully next time we will be camped up top.

I thought this was a mine at first, but it really looks like in might be a cave now that I look at it. This will have to be explored more later.


  1. I once went to this cave/mine, and have been trying to find it again but can't remember how to get there. I was wondering if you could help me.

  2. Of course! Try this link.

    I tracked my route on an arial map one day. The "cave"/mine(I think it's a mine) is at the very bottom of the page on the map. I can't recall if there is a sign at the turn off, but the trail is known as Tuttle's Loop. As you're heading up Bountiful Canyon, it will be the last right hand spur before reaching the summit..a little ways past the buckhalter ridge trail spur. You basically travel to the bottom most point of this trail. The mine is just a ways off to the west as the trail starts to climb again to the East. Let me know if you need more clarification.:)

  3. thanks for the great photos. looking forward to exploring this area with my two young boys.