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Oct 10, 2008

Best 2-Stroke Motocross Dirt Bike Of All Time?

I recently stumbled across this definition of the CR250 2-stroke dirt bike on Wikipedia. Here's what it had to say.

"Honda CR250 Prototype for the CR250 was built in 1971. But it wasn't until late 1972 that production started on "out of the box racers" began. Made available for sale to the general public in 1973. The CR250 is the longest running 2-stroke motocross motorcycle of all time, being in production for nearly 37 years. The two-stroke CR250R is no longer produced by Honda. 2007 was the last year of production. Many two stroke enthusiasts regard the 2000-2001 CR250R as the best 2 stroke 250 motocross bike of all time, rivaled only by the 2005-up Yamaha YZ 250. The 2000-2001 CR250s had the 2nd generation aluminum frame that was loved by many riders, and the non-electronic powervalve. The 2002-2004 CRs had case-reed motors with the RC valve, Revolutionary control valve that had a narrow powerband that was hard to control. The 2001 CR is a refined version of the 2000 model that has a wider base valve in the forks that allows wider range of adjustments than the 2000 model, and a superior shock with a better valve and refined shim stack."
This brings up some good points and confirms some of my earlier research and feelings about the bike. The 2005-up Yamaha will probably always be regarded as one of the best, and since this bike is still in production while the honda is not, it is still being improved upon to a slight degree although not as much as the KTM 2-stroke bikes. However, as is sometimes the case some improvements are not always improvements like the ectrically controlled power valve. The 2001 was the last year that the Honda 2-stroke had the non-electric power valve with a wider, more controllable power band and a much stronger bottom end. Since there continues to be improvements on the KTM bikes it's inevitable these will be better bikes, but they likely won't be seen on the motocross track on any large scale. The 2001 CR 250 will always be a great bike and has withstood the test of time.

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  1. I love my 2001 cr250, I will never sell it. I love everything about it. The sound, smell, and the power!