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Feb 13, 2009

2009 BAJA RACING SCHEDULE / Fud 200 Race Information

Baja Racing starts next week in Plaster City California with the (MDR) FUD 200. The event will consist of 6 laps over a 30 mile loop. There is a 7 hour time limit with class 900 and 1300 going 5 laps, and class 300, 775, 1100, 1450, 1700, and 1900 completing 4 laps. There are a total of 42 entries, with the bulk being in the 1450, 550, 1600, and 100 classes.

The 1450 class, otherwise known as the pre-runner, sportsman truck or open trucks vary between 150 to 300+ horsepower with 13-20" of wheel travel up front and 14-30" in the rear. The weight of these trucks is between 3000 to 4000 pounds, with a top speed of over 110 mph. These vehicles can cost as much as $40,000 new or as little as $5,000.

The 550 class, commonly known as the 5-1600 class, comprises of baja bugs limited to 1600cc motor. They must retain working doors, stock floor pan, and baja bug fenders. They are usually between 85 and 90 horsepower, weigh between 1750 and 1900 pounds, and have a top speed of between 80 and 85 mph. The suspension is based on VW type 1 ball joint or link pin style, with a maximum track width of 55 1/2" in the front. In the rear is VW type 1 IRS or swing axle and a maximum track width of 58 1/4". These are sometimes considered the real "hardcore" baja racers because of the pounding they take in these nearly stock rigs.

Class 1600, or 1/2-1600, refer to the open wheeled single or two seat buggies limited to 1600cc engine size. Horsepower is between 77 and 87, with the weight being 1550 to 1600 pounds, and a top speed of between 75 and 85 mph. These normally cost between $30,000 and $60,000 new, and can have wheel travel of between 9" and 10" in the front and 16" to 21" in the rear. Class 100 is the open wheeled buggy / truck, or "truggy". Class 900 is the open wheeled buggy with 100" wheelbase and the 1700 is the Pro JeepSpeed jeep class.

Here are a few pics I dug up from last year's MDR Fud 200 race.


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