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Jan 17, 2009

1998 KTM 50SX Dominator Clutch

Our KTM 50 was having problems getting power to the rear wheel. We knew that the clutch had been going for a while since we kept having to adjust it, but after digging into it we realized that it was toast and time for a new friction disc. The bike came with an aftermarket Dominator clutch made by R&D Racing Products that uses a simple friction disc and weights with tension springs to automatically engage the clutch. A major advantage of this clutch over the stock one is that it is fully adjustable.

We also installed a new crank seal because we had been leaking clutch oil through the seal. This large gear must be pulled to get to the seal. See how to remove the parts in PART1.

In this picture you can see by the red arrow one of the three adjuster nuts to this clutch. By reducing the tension on the springs, the clutch will engage sooner making the bike more enduro-like and easier to ride. Increasing the tension will cause the bike to rev higher in the powerband before it will engage making it racier. As the clutch spins, the weights sandwich the friction disc engaging the clutch. We decided to keep the nuts adjusted out for a bike that should do better off road and be easier to ride, then we'll tune it later if we need to.


  1. where did you buy the friction disk from have same clutch cant find parts
    thanks for any help.

  2. call 760-598-2100 Ask for Gary.

  3. What company sells these disks?
    I am really struggling to find anything. I can't ring above as in Australia

  4. How many rounds do you like to have on the spring tensioners for an agrresive rider?

  5. Whats an optimum setting for an aggressive rider. I can't tell if I've ran in the screws to far, but the clutch slips severly.

  6. hy

    i have get the exactli same clutch for the huskyboy of my daughter. but th clutch is in parts and the disc is "out of order".

    so i need some pictures how to install exactly the cluct (witch part is in witch sequenze the parts come together). and how i have to adjust the clutch...

    sorry for my bad english, i hope you will understand it...

    pls contact me by:

    thank you very much and regards


  7. did the hub behind the friction plate have any wobble to it i pulled mine apart and it has a wobble to it

  8. AnonymousJune 12, 2015

    the problem im having is the bike stays in gear even with the 3 screws ajusted out ,

  9. What type of oil do you use for this clutch and do you know the min and max adjustment on the clutch?