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Feb 10, 2007

"Terra Tamer" Mini Buggy Build

This was a fun project with many challenges. Here are a few pictures of the build that I rounded up. I also include a parts list among other things at the bottom of the page to give you an idea of what went into the buggy. We started with a 697cc twin cylinder engine producing a smallish 18HP. The goal was to make a reliable buggy for my wife and daughter to put around in, so the engine didn't need to be anything too big. It turned out to be pretty comparable to something like a rihno side by side, but lower to the ground, 2wd, and we did not put a reverse in to keep it light and simple. It has worked very well and has only needed minor changes from the original design. One of the bigger changes we made was in the gearing. First we went with a 54 tooth rear sprocket with the wide tires shown, then later went with a 60 tooth sprocket and much narrower tires on lighter aluminum wheels. This change made it much more capable in rough terrain and much more reliable.

Click here to go to the following items:
Parts List
Top Speed Formula
Spindle Drawing
Basic a-arm Design


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