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Jun 7, 2007

Steahly 12 oz. Dirt Bike Flywheel Weight Install, CR250

This was probably the easiest "upgrade" I have ever done. It's a 12oz flywheel weight to help mellow the bike out and make the power come on smoother. It helps the bike get traction in slippery or loose terrain, and makes the motor less likely to stall in low rpm's. This has made it much easier to handle on tight trails. It's very easy to install, but does make the bike a little sleepy. If you're wondering if this is the right upgrade for you're bike, first look at the terrain you ride most often. If you tend to ride dunes, then this will not improve the performance, or if you're bike is already on the lazy side, this will just make it worse. If however, you're bike tends to break the rear tire lose whenever you crack the throttle like mine was doing, and you can't keep it tracking up loose, steep hills then this definitely helps. The 12 oz. is as heavy as I would ever go on a CR250, and I am thinking about taking a couple oz. off, but overall it works great, is still very fast and the rear tire doesn't feel like it's on ice all the time. I can ride the bike in loose, rocky terrain that I wouldn't have dreamed of before. I also installed a FMF Gnarly pipe that makes more grunt down low, but it won't rev quite as high and free anymore, so it's all a game of give and take. Take what you can and try not to give too much up in return with these types of upgrades.

To install the weight, simply remove the stock nut holding on the flywheel and replace the nut with the flywheel weight. An Engine Lock Up Tool such as the one shown below is an easy and cheap way to make the job easier. It will go in place of the spark plug and hold the engine in place so it won't turn while you are trying to thread the nut and/or weight onto the crank. I bought mine at RockyMountainATV. Sometimes you can get by with using a rope or something similar to stuff in the spark plug hole and get the same affect, but these little plastic "tools" are cheap and ensure that you won't damage anything. Make sure to tighten the set screws on the weight and check them often for at least a little while because they tend to come loose.


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