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Dec 8, 2007

New Family Dirt Bike, DRZ 110

We bought a new bike for the family yesterday. For now it will be Brayden's and the KTM will be handed down to Owen. It's a 2004 Suzuki DRZ110 and it doesn't really looked to be used that much at all. These are the original plastics, seat..everything. It starts right up and runs really well. It does have a slight kink in the exhaust pipe, but we were able to talk the price down a bit because of it. The guy said it sat in the garage for a long time with a flat tire, then recently put a new tire on it. We may end up getting an aftermarket exhaust to replace the kinked one and give it a bit more power. The 4-stroke, auto clutch, 3 speed transmission makes the power smooth and controllable, but it's nothing to get you too excited when you give it a twist. It should be a perfect step up for Brayden though so he can learn how to shift without having to step up to a 65 2-stroke which is way powerfull, peppy and has 5 gears with a manual clutch. This bike is an off-road bike aimed at driveability. It's quite a bit heavier, I believe around 140 pounds, than a all out 2-stroke racer, but it will make going off-road with the family easier than the race bike and the low end grunt is awesome and smooth.

Here is a video of it running. Brayden can even start this bike! It's so easy to start and so mellow! Here's a link for more info on the bike.


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