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Sep 3, 2007

Little Moab Trip Report, Sept 2007

We camped at a very perfect spot for us. There was a track that went all the way around our camp for close riding and access to endless trails for those who want to venture out away from camp. Sunday it rained very hard then gave up the beautiful rainbow it was a full double rainbow and the colors were very vibrant. The skies at night were spectacular and the whole trip was fun for all.

The Nutty Putty cave entrance is a hole in the rock that goes nearly straight down.

Hannah with her camping face on. She loves to camp and she loved having the dog there. One day when she put her helmet on her little pony-tail poked out the top it was very cute.

Tony and the kids worked all weekend on making the perfect jump. The boys enjoyed going on it on their bikes and motor-toys.

We all rode our vehicles over the hill by camp and found a fun place to play.

Everyone had fun riding around camp.
(Tony went so fast, he ripped a hole in the sky)

We played a little X-Games below are pictures from the step-up contest.


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