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Dec 24, 2007

Leo Vince X3 Exhaust Upgrade, Suzuki DRZ110

This is a great looking exhaust. The carbon fiber and stainless steel really give it a cool look. It is amazing how much bigger the opening is on the Leo Vince Muffler than the stock one and it has translated into more power for the bike. The stock jetting was still in place for this bike as well, so to make it work optimally we replaced the stock 80 main with a 78. This combo works awesome at the approximately 4,000 feet elevation we tend to ride the bike at most often. Since we did the re-jet after the exhaust upgrade, I don't know what it should have been jetted to with the stock exhaust, but it was obviously not done right by the previous owner.

Here again you can see the huge difference in
the size of the opening, this time on the pipe
itself. I am not quite sure why they make them
this small in stock form, but it probably has
something to do with emission and/or sound.
It is noticeably louder with the new system on
than with the stock one. (Yes!)

Stock..ok, but nothing special.

Boom! Looks good! It does hang down a bit more
simply because the muffler is so much bigger.
Hopefully it stands up well to abuse because I
think it might get some hanging out there so far.
Watch the video below for a sound camparison of the two exhausts. It's hard to tell the difference
on the video, but the new one sounds amazing.
Deep, low rumble, nice solid sound.


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