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Dec 9, 2007

DIY Dirt Bike Throttle Limiter

This is a little trick we came up with When our first son got his first dirt bike, a 1998 KTM pro junior. When he first rode the bike it was immediately obvious that the bike had way too much power for a 6 year old on his first bike. It scared him and we wanted to save any damage we could on the bike, the rider, or any object of value that might be in his way. The trick we came up with was a throttle stop in the form of a piece of pvc pipe in between the throttle valve and the cap to limit the throttle valve from opening any more than we wanted it too. We played with a lot of different ideas before we came up with this, but this was the only solution that allowed us a positive control that could be tuned. We ended up with 2 different sizes. One to start with that would barely allow him to open the throttle and one just a bit more aggressive. It was amazing how quick we were able to remove the stop after he learned to ride and control the bike. Our second son just turned 6, and the KTM was passed down to him, so we just need to find the spacers and start over again with him. It's an easy, out of the way, solution that worked every time and that can be tuned to each bike. I am fairly sure that it will work on any bike with a round throttle tube, you'll just have to experiment to get the right length of pvc.


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