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Oct 18, 2007

Ballistic Missile Buggy Shifter Fix

We finished Owens shifter today. We added a nifty little kill switch in the handle so he doesn't have to stumble around to find the control to kill the motor. I just cut a piece of metal out with a hole saw, welded it in, and cleaned it up. It has a cool look and now he just has one position to shift it into nuetral and kill the motor.

Owen was having a heck of a time shifting and finding the right gear with the old side to side shifter. This new shifter and linkage puts it in a place that is easy for him to see and reach. It is also longer to give him more leverage and it has numbers so he can see what gear he is in easily. The screw in the aluminum acts a stop so he doesn't accidentily go through nuetral and into reverse. With additional effort the aluminum flexes to allow it to go into reverse.


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