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Apr 15, 2007

2001 CR250, FMF Gnarly Pipe Upgrade

So, I wrecked my "new" bike. I was not aware that the pipes on these bikes were so thin. Here is a pic of what I did to the pipe. It didn't run to well after this. It was smashed flat and kinked on the back.

I decided to try the "Gnarly Torque" pipe instead of the fatty. It is made of a heavier gauge metal to resist dents and dings and is designed to give more power down low.

I also broke my clutch lever(again) so I had to order new levers and I decided to go ahead and put my hand guards on as a protection to the levers more than anything else. I threw on a pipe gaurd and dressed it up with a few stickers too. Here are a few pics of the bike now.


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